Nominations for a Mahurangi District Council.

In order to move forward with the local area governance we need to form a District Council.

At this stage I would like at least four people who are prepared to meet in Warkworth on a regular basis (say monthly) to give direction and authority to the process of self determination within the District. It would be preferable to have a person from each part of the District so there is local representation.

This is quite important, because before we can do things like appoint Sheriffs, and Judges or look at reforming the financial base for the community, we must have the lawful framework within which we are operating.

There are a number of small groups with good ideas springing up but each of them are really elements of a wider Governance. We need to establish the District Governance so that all these groups have a lawful authority under which they can operate.

Nominees please email to with the Subject: “District Council”.

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