Please Attest to the Mahurangi Declaration.

The power of a system of governance does not reside in a title.
I was a Naval Officer, I held rank and a Queens Commission as a Commanding Officer of a New Zealand Navy ship.
But I did not own my own power of command, it came from the Queen.
In the same way the title of Governor does not confer power upon me.
That power comes from you, the people that the holder of the title serves.
When asked for my authority I have to be able to point to the people of the District of Mahurangi.
Can you please show your support by attesting to the Mahurangi Declaration.

Click on the button “Attest to the Mahurangi Declaration” and fill out the little form.
I will figure out how to put a counter on the page so we can see how we all are doing.

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