The Health and Wellness Expo held on Saturday 9th of July at the Warkworth Town Hall was a resounding success. Over 350 people came through the Expo and awareness around Natural Health modalities was raised high in the community. The energy and buzz around the Town Hall was tremendous and it was great to see the practitioners deep in conversations at their stands.

This whole process was initiated by the Mahurangi District Interim Governor, Alexander who compiled a list of local practitioners and, sent out an email inviting them to an inaugural meeting on the 29th of March in the Southgate Room above the Warkworth Hotel. The object of the meeting was to develop a Natural Health Centre in Warkworth and a place where people could find out about natural healing. This initiative was one of the list of actions Alexander was nominated to undertake on being appointed Interim Governor.

Eight people responded to that invitation and from them a core group was formed to carry the project forward. Meetings were held every second Tuesday and at one meeting it was discovered that Dr Lindsay Best of Trinity Chiropractic had proposed an Expo very similar to what the group was planning. Lindsay was approached and was keen to give this another go, so the venue for the fourth meeting was shifted to Trinity Chiropractic premises and planning for both the Expo and the Wellness Hub went ahead from there.

Now that the Expo is over the momentum will not stop there. The follow on is the Wellness Hub which is planned to become this relaxed, Café style venue that people can go to and chat with knowledgeable people over tea or coffee. Find out a bit about what can help them and be directed to an appropriate practitioner if they so desire.

A venue that can be wholly devoted to the Wellness Hub is the long term goal of the group, but in order to keep the momentum we have arranged the use of Ravish Café every Friday between 10:30 am and 12 noon. That is on the corner of Sharp Road and Matakana Road. There will be knowledgeable hosts there to chat with and coffee or tea available at the café.
All are welcome.
See you there.