The People’s Jurisdiction – A Political Party?

Just to clarify a question I have been asked as to whether The People’s Jurisdiction / Mana Hapu is a political party?

The answer is a resounding NO!

It is a system of governance first for the Districts which will all be self governing entities, and second for the National Assembly, which will be responsible for creating the national environment that is conducive to business and prosperity. That is the economy, infrastructure, defence, foreign relations, energy and telecoms.

Initially, while the acceptance of the governance model grows, we will be obliged to work within the current governance system, even though it is broken and untrustworthy. Once, we have people confirming their acceptance of the Constitution and coming on board in sufficient numbers then we can elect a Governor and if the people of a district decide that there is a real chance of taking a seat then the people can decide to contest an election and the Governor will become the MP.

I see this growing to the stage where supporters of this Constitution will be in the majority. Once that happens in all districts then the traditional government model will simply fade away through lack of support, if it hasn’t destroyed itself by then.

We don’t need to overthrow anyone, we just need the support to grow so that we overwhelm by simple numbers.


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